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Past Projects of the International Human Rights Clinic

Cornell and NOMADESC Report Documents Devastation to Indigenous Communities of the Salvajina Dam

Should Compensated Surrogacy Be Permitted or Prohibited? Policy Report Evaluating the New York Child-Parent Security Act of 2017 that Would Permit Enforceable and Compensated Surrogacy

Indian Parliament Standing Committee Incorporates Views of Cornell International Human Rights Policy Advocacy Clinic

Women in Prison in Argentina: Causes, Conditions, and Consequences

Protection to Punishment: Post-Conviction Barriers to Justice for Domestic Violence Survivor-Defendants in New York State

India Law Reform Study

India UN Trafficking Protocol Compliance Project

Clinic Examines Acid Attacks Against Women and Girls in Bangladesh Cambodia and India

Public Interest Litigation Brief on Witch Hunting in India

Amicus Brief in Support of Petition on the Right to Free Education in Colombia

Conference in Cali and Botoga on the Right to Education of Minorities in the Americas

Amicus Brief Supporting Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on Safe Pregnancy in Bihar, India

Right to Information Act Request to Indian Government for Data and Methods Used to Calculate the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)

Judicial Training Manual on Fair Trial Standards for Trial Judges in India

Hearing of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the Right to Education for Minorities in the Americas

Intervention in the European Court of Human Rights on Reproductive Rights on Behalf of the Special Rapporteur for Health

Brief in the Federal Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Interpreting the U.N. Convention Against Torture

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